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Bad Database Standards, Part 7

Can you ensure that your software works together with all the pieces it should — even as you upgrade to new versions and releases? Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 6

What’s In A Name? Today’s installment in the continuing saga of bad database standards revolves around naming conventions. I’d like to thank James Koopmann for giving me the idea to blog about this topic. James writes an interesting blog of … Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 5

None Shall Pass! Rigidly adhering to a standard, any standard, without being reasonable and using your ability to think through changing situations and circumstances, is itself, a bad standard. If you happen to be a fan of Monty Python, then … Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 4

…we need to create standards that control, prohibit, and limit the mass duplication of data… Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 3

Limiting The Number of Tables in “Online” Joins Today’s entry continues our on-going series on “bad” database standards. And the “bad” standard we’ll discuss tonight is a particularly nasty one. Although the general idea behind this standard might seem to … Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 2

Too Many Columns! Today’s entry, the second in a continuing series on bad database standards, attacks the misguided notion of putting too many columns in the SELECT-list of your SQL statements. Database application performance can be impacted by many factors … Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 1

With this blog entry I start a new series discussing bad database standards. Almost every DBA group keeps a database standards manual – but most do not keep it up-to-date. I’ll try to tackle some of the more popular standards … Continue reading

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DBAs Must Understand Application Development

DBAs need some level of application development skills to be effective at their job. Continue reading

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Here we will discuss data management and database issues, news, thoughts, and trends. Continue reading

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