Book Review: My New iPad (2010, No Starch Press)

As my regular readers know, I am a big fan of books and I periodically take the time to write up reviews of some of the technical books I’ve read. Well, over the course of the next few blog entries I’m going to review a few of those books I’ve been reading.

My regular readers also know that I recently bought an iPad and I’ve found it to be a very useful and enjoyable computing platform. With that in mind, I’ve been reading through Wallace Wang’s new book, My New iPad.

The subtitle of this book is ‘A User’s Guide’ and that is what Wang delivers. I found the book to be helpful even though it is very basic.The iPad does not come with a manual for its use but that is not a very big liability because using an iPad is very intuitive.

That said, some of the tasks required to set up and use your iPad (e.g. setting up e-mail accounts) can be non-trivial for those who are not accustomed to technology. And My New iPad offers helpful guidance.

And I did learn a few things, even though I’m a seasoned techie and a long-time iPod user. For example, I didn’t know that holding down on an icon for a period of time causing all of the icons to “shimmer” and then they can be picked up and moved from screen to screen. There are several little gems like that one that you’ll likely pick up by reading My New iPad.

One thing I would have liked to have seen in this book is better coverage of additional apps that are available for the iPad. The last chapter does highlight a few apps, but the coverage is spotty and the number of apps discussed is minimal. For example, the author discusses the GoodReader app as a way to read PDF files on the iPad. I agree, this is a very good app. But I guarantee most users will be befuddled as to how to get the PDF files into their iPad. This would be useful information that Wang should have included in the book. (For those interested, check out the description of how to do it here.)

The bottom line is that if you are a long time iPod or iPhone user there will be little of value for you in the book.

But all of the above notwithstanding, for about $20, this book is a relatively small investment that can make the larger investment you made in your iPad more useful. So I can recommend My New iPad by Wallace Wang (No Starch Press, ISBN 978-1-59327-275-3).



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  2. I am really Glad i came across this website.Added it to my bookmark!

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