Poll: What is the Most Important DBA Task?

Today’s blog posting is a short one offering up a poll to gauge reader response as to what is the most important database administration task… I know they are ALL important, but if for some reason you could do only one of them… and everything hung on that one thing, which would it be?

Please click here to take the poll and I will post the results in a couple of weeks…

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I'm a strategist, researcher, and consultant with nearly three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development.
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4 Responses to Poll: What is the Most Important DBA Task?

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  2. Keith Murphy says:

    Backups are the the single most important thing a DBA does. If there are no backups and the something happens to your dataset…what else matters? It doesn’t matter how fast you tuned your queries, how nice your reports look etc. If it’s gone, it’s gone. Back up your database!

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