My Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Just a short blog post today to update everybody regarding my upcoming speaking schedule.

First up, later this week I will be the keynote speaker at the Northeast DB2 User Group in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. I will be delivering my updated DB2 Top Ten lists presentation on September 16, 2010. If you are in the area be sure to drop by the Publick House (277 Main St, Strubridge, MA 01566) to hear me, as well as speakers from Software Engineering, Informatica, BMC Software, and CA.

Later this month, I will be speaking at the San Francisco DB2 User Group on September 30th at the IBM facility located in San Ramon, CA. I will be delivering two presentations: the DB2 top ten lists, as well as an overview of DB2 and storage management issues. My colleague, Brian Hoare will also be presenting on variable workload licensing and reducing mainframe software costs.

Next up is the TRIDEX DB2 user group in Brooklyn, New York. I will be presenting two topics here, as well: I will be delivering two presentations: the DB2 top ten lists and an overview of DB2 and storage management issues.

And I will be presenting my DB2 top ten lists presentation at the annual IBM Information on Demand conference in Las Vegas, NV, later this year (October 25-28, 2010) and also at IDUG EMEA in Vienna, Austria (November 8 – 12, 2010).

And if you cannot get to any of these events, I will be presenting a series of four educational DB2 webinars every Tuesday, starting September 28, 2010. More details, as well as how to register can be found on the web at this link.

So if you are interested in listening to me speak on DB2 issues, I’m sure you’ll be able to attend at least one of these conferences, user groups, or webinars…



I'm a strategist, researcher, and consultant with nearly three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development.
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