A Strange Interlude

Punishment for Sleeping on the Job

I had just finished eating my hot dog.  I had to grab a quick bite because it was my unenviable duty to administer the database changes that Friday night.  I did not relish this task.  But I mustard up the courage and set about my task.  Everything seemed to be going wrong.  To be frank, I encountered one error after another.  And none of the error codes made any sense.  Soon, I was so far behind that I could never ketchup.  I was in a real pickle.

So I summoned my courage, got up off my buns, and opened up the Messages & Codes manual.  But nothing seemed to make any sense. This was no picnic.  When lo and behold before my very eyes was a 10 foot tall hot dog.  He said, “I am Captain Codes, how can I help?”

I started grilling him… I told him that my REORG job received a  00D70030, what was I to do?  The precocious hunk of meat strode over to my terminal and linked into the keyboard.  Within seconds he had solved my problems…  then all of a sudden I heard this loud stream of beeps.  I raised my head and saw that I had fallen asleep on my keyboard.  It was all a dream… but yet, my REORG was running again.  And what was that sauerkraut doing on my F3 key?

Maybe… nah?

But I’ll tell you one thing, this job just may be a weiner after all!


About craig@craigsmullins.com

I'm a strategist, researcher, and consultant with nearly three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development.
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