Taking a Look at DBA Salaries

I’ve found that talking about salary issues is one of the more popular blog topics, at least for DBAs and data professionals. I guess we’re all curious about what we’re being paid and whether or not it is fair… or at least in line what everyone else is being paid. So I try to keep my eyes open for information about IT salaries and blog about the topic when appropriate.

Well, Bluewolf’s IT Salary Guide (http://success.bluewolf.com/forms/AssetRequestForm?docid=555) was released recently, so I figured there was no time like the present to post an update on DBA salary trends. Bluewolf is a placement firm, so the guide offers up information on IT jobs that were filled by the company last year (2011), as well as the company’s thoughts on the upcoming year.

It would seem that Bluewolf is sees positive things ahead for IT in general, predicting “an optimistic future for IT job in 2012.” But that news is tempered with the reality that there will be “increased difficulty in securing the right tech talent.”

The report shows the biggest jumps in demand for mobile, data, cloud and user engagement technologists. Another interesting point is that it indicates a widening talent gap as more baby boomers reach retirement age.

Nine percent (9%) of the jobs filled by Bluewolf were DBA jobs, so database administration continues to be a healthy IT job. The national average DBA salary? $96,000. Not too bad, right? But salaries are not really rising too much for DBAs. Of course, whether or not you earn the “average” will depend a lot on where you live. Jobs in New York City and San Francisco (for example) generally will pay better than jobs in the Midwest.

The guide contains another hopeful statistic for the data professional stating that salaries for Data Analysts & BI Professional will creep past pre-recession levels, rising between five to six percent (5% -6%) annually. And as I perused through the data for multiple geographic regions and types of DBAs, it seemed that Data Architects and Data Warehouse Engineers consistently earned at the high end of the range in each region, so if you are looking to maximize your salary you might want to focus on those types of jobs.

What are the hot data-related technologies for 2012? According to Bluewolf, MySQL, HBase, Cognos, and Informatica are in demand, as is Big Data in general.

So there could be quite a bit of good news out there for data professionals in 2012… Happy job hunting.


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