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Mucking About in Data Outhouses

Data warehousing is pervasive these days delivering an analytical environment for business intelligence and data discovery.  But is enough thought being put into the accuracy of the data in the warehouse?  Oh, sure, we hear about data scrubbing and data … Continue reading

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Recommended Database and Tech Books

As regular readers of my blog know, periodically I take the time to review some of the more interesting data and technology books that I’ve been reading. Today’s post is one of those reviews. First up, let’s take a look … Continue reading

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Curbing the Curmudgeons in the Corner

Sometimes viewed as prima donnas, DBAs can be curmudgeons who have vast technical knowledge, but limited people skills. Just about every database programmer has their favorite DBA story — those famous anecdotes that begin with “I have a problem…” and … Continue reading

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