6 Responses to The Proper Approach: Developing Systems Based on Models

  1. rastreadores bbom says:

    i came across your blog just to look, but i had to leave this comment to say how much i appreciate your work. thanks for the help.

  2. paul says:

    This is a useful review of the process for developing a data model. The conversation includes many people with various levels of technical expertise.
    The delineation, as well as the span of the applicability, for the data model can be tempered by the administrative/political silos, if these factors exist.

  3. bbom says:

    i love this blog. i will be looking forward your next post!

  4. bbom says:

    awesome post…thanks for posting.

  5. rastreadores bbom says:

    this subject can give us a great discussion, thanks for sharing it.

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