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The Lifecycle of Data

Most data is not static. No, data has a life in which it changes, is used for perhaps multiple purposes, and gets moved all over the place. So it makes sense to think about the lifecycle of your data at … Continue reading

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Database Capacity Planning

Most database implementations are anything but static. Once deployed, databases are queried, updated, loaded, unloaded, reorganized, and data is deleted and inserted from them on an ongoing basis. And data may be replicated to and from the database on a … Continue reading

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An Overview of Today’s Leading DBMS Platforms

Recently I wrote a series of DBMS product descriptions/overviews for the TechTarget web portal. The product descriptions were an adjunct a 7 part series of articles I wrote reviewing DBMS technology and considerations circa 2015. Anyway, the purpose of today’s post … Continue reading

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Optimizing Database Performance, part 6: Automation

Parts 1, 2 , 3, 4, and 5 of this series are also available. Today’s post, the final one in this series, will briefly discuss automation… and autonomics. Setting the Stage Implementing, managing and maintaining complex database applications spread throughout the world is a … Continue reading

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