New IT Salary Details from TechTarget

TechTarget conducts an annual IT Salary and Careers Survey regarding salaries for IT technicians and executives, and their most recent salary survey for 2015 shows some heartening results for those of us who toil in the IT ranks. The survey was conducted from June to September 2015 and there were 1,783 U.S. respondents.

The average base salary for all respondents, regardless of position, came in at $100,333, and the average total compensation (salary plus bonuses) was about 10 percent higher at $110,724. So the average base salary of IT professionals is a six figure number, which is whole lot better than many other industries these days.

What about the details? Well, I leave it to you to click over to the detailed article on the TechTarget site… but since many of the readers of this blog are DBAs, here are the TechTarget results for database administrators:

  • DBA average base salary 2015: $102,437
  • DBA average total compensation (salary+bonus) 2015: $108,661

Of course, as with all salary details, the exact salary numbers will vary by geography and experience level.



I'm a strategist, researcher, and consultant with nearly three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development.
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