Inside the Data Reading Room – New Year 2016 Edition

Regular readers of my blog know that I periodically take the time to review recent data-related books that I have been reading. This post is one of those blogs!

Today, I will take a quick look at several books that I think you will enjoy, starting with Repurposing Legacy Data: Innovative Case Studies by Jules J. Berman (Elsevier, ISBN 978-0-12-802882-7). This short book offers up a quick read and delivers on the promise of its title. It leads the reader through example case studies showing how organizations can take advantage of their “old” data. In the day and age of Big Data and Data Science the techniques and tactics explored in this fine book are worth investigating and further.

Next up is a book that tackled MDM titled Multi-Domain Master Data Management: Advanced MDM and Data Governance in Practice by Mark Allen and Dalton Cervo (Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 978-0-12-800835-5). Allen and Cervo offer up practical implementation guidance using hands-on examples and guidelines for ensuring productive and successful multi-domain MDM. Along the way you’ll learn how to improve your data quality, lower your maintenance costs, reduce risks, and improve data governance. There is a complimentary companion site for the book that offers additional MDM reference and training materials.

I’ve also enjoyed reading Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics by Judith Hurwitz, Marcia Kaufman, and Adrian Bowles (Wiley, ISBN 978-1-118-89662-4).  The book does a good job of instructing readers on cognitive computing, from the basics of what it is, its various components (e.g. machine learning, natural language processing, etc.), its growth due to the rise of big data analytics , and examples of projects showing how it works and it promise. As an IBM supporter I particularly enjoyed the chapter in IBM Watson. But really, the entire book is worthwhile and if you have any interest at all in how computers can gain cognitive capabilities, you should pick up a copy of this book.

Finally, for today, we have a DevOps book by the title of DevOps: A Software Architect’s Perspective by Len Bass, Ingo Weber and Liming Zhu (Addison Wesley, ISBN 978-0-13-404984-7). DevOps is a somewhat new movement espousing collaboration and communication between software developers and those providing operational and administrative IT support. The word is a combination of DEVelopment and OPerations, and there is a lot of hype out there about DevOps. This book does a reasonable job of explaining the concept of DevOps (frankly, I am not one of the people who thinks it is really a monumental change) and how it can benefit your organization. If you’ve been with IT for sometime, do not expect to be wowed with new information. Instead, the authors do a credible job of explaining DevOps and a lot of development/administration best practices.

That’s it for today. If you’ve read any of these books please leave a comment with your thoughts… and let me know if there are any books you’d like to see reviewed in future editions of Inside the Data Reading Room here on the Data & Technology Today blog!


I'm a data management strategist, researcher, and consultant with over three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development and implementation.
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