Data Summit: A Trip Report

Last week I had the pleasure of attending, and speaking at, the annual Data Summit event in New York City. The event, sponsored by Database Trends & Applications, boasted knowledge-packed days of presentations on all things data.

Day one started off with a good keynote (once it got started… the speaker was late) on using statistics on publicly available data to gain insight. There is a lot of data out there for the taking but few people actually take advantage of it. After listening to this keynote it would be hard not to want to grab some of that data and see what it can tell you!

The conference sported four tracks of sessions: the first one was focused on Moving to a Modern Data Architecture that offered sessions on becoming data-driven, data discovery and governance, and the future of data warehousing. This is the track where I spoke on Going Beyond Relational. The focus of my session was on describing the various NoSQL technologies at a high level and trying to bring some reality to the whole “Big Data will change everything” mantra.

The second track looked at Analytics and Applications; the third track was the IOUG track and it focused on Oracle and big data; and the fourth track focused on Hadoop one day and virtualization the next.

There was also a vendor expo hall where various and sundry data-focused tools providers were available to talk about and explain their wares.

All in all, it was a useful conference that is well worth attending if you plan out the sessions you want to attend and use your time well.



I'm a strategist, researcher, and consultant with nearly three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development.
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