My Computer Mug Collection, Part 1

Recently I have been tweeting a mug a day from my collection of coffeee mugs given to me over the years by computer and software companies. I just tweeted the last one (I think), and since these posts seemed to be populat, I thought I’d post a blog entry with all of the mugs.

Places I Have Worked

First up, are all of the mugs from the companies I have worked for, starting with my first consulting company in Pittsburgh, ASSET, Inc. Myself and a couple of friends started this and we kept it going for a few years (hi Bernard and Cindy):


Next up is Platinum Technology, inc. I worked there for a number of years on two separate runs. It is probably the most fun I ever had working for a corporation. Here are the numerous mugs I have from Platinum:

After Platinum I worked at BMC Software for awhile. Here are the mugs I accumulated while at BMC:

I also worked at NEON Enterprise Software for a spell:


And finally, I have my own consulting company, so I made myself a mug!

That is all of the mugs from the software companies I worked. Over the course of the next few posts I will show the remaining mugs from other software and hardware companies, computer conferences, and other miscellaneous mugs.

Hope you enjoy!


I'm a data management strategist, researcher, and consultant with over three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development and implementation.
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4 Responses to My Computer Mug Collection, Part 1

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  3. snm2016blog says:

    I briefly worked at Platinum Technology in early 1998. I got a great mug with a vivid wildlife scene. It was my favorite mug of all time. Unfortunately, my daughter cracked it. I would give anything to find one like it.

  4. That is a nice mug… I’m sorry your daughter broke it… It won’t be easy to replace it.

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