My Computer Mug Collection, Part 2

Last week I posted part 1 of my computer mug collection and promised to continue posting the rest of the collection in later blog posts.

Well, here is the second in this series of posts. Today we will look at the mugs I received from user groups and industry conferences. And we’ll start with IDUG!

As you can see, I have several IDUG mugs, the newest of which is from this year. That would be the one with the orange lettering celebrate IDUG’s 30th Anniversary.

Next we have a mug from the old IBM DB2 Tech Conference (yes, I know Db2 is now spelled with a lower-case “b” but it never was when the Tech Conference was held, so I used an upper case “B” there)! This one is from the 1992 event held in Miami Beach. I remember attending this conference quite well… better than I should given that it was over 25 years ago!


Then we have this nice mug from the Reno CMG conference in 2006. CMG always puts on a great annual conference for those of us who toil away in the realm of performance and capacity management.


And how many of you remember DCI (Digital Consulting, Inc.) and their series of conferences? They host quite a few, as this mug attests. I remember speaking at Database World in Chicago (but I can’t remember the year).


Finally, for today anyway, here is a mug I was given for speaking at the Heart of America Db2 User Group many years ago. Interestingly enough, I’ll be speaking there again this September (2018), so if you are in the Kansas City area, stop in and say “Hi!”


More mugs to come in the next installment…


I'm a strategist, researcher, and consultant with nearly three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development.
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