My Computer Mug Collection, Part 4

Recently I tweeted a mug a day from my collection of coffeee mugs given to me over the years by computer and software companies. Since I finished up tweeting all of my mugs, I have been posting them here to my blog, as well. So far I have posted three previous posts showcasing my computer mug collection. Today, as promised, here are the remaining mugs I have yet to blog…

First up is a mug I forgot to include in Part 2 (mugs from computer conferences). This one is from SHARE, and I received it as a Best Session Award for my DB2 for z/OS Performance Roadmap presentation. It is clear glass, so it is a bit difficult to see:


Next up is a series of mugs from German software vendor Software Engineering. I think I was lucky enough to collect all of the mugs in the series:


And here is a mug from from ComputerWorld  with one of their IT cartoons on it. I sure hope the ESC key worked!


And this mug is back from the days when Oracle actually developed and marketed a version of their DBMS for MVS! Sure, you can run Oracle on a mainframe today, but it has to be in a Linux partition.


Here are several mugs from IBM in my collection. The first one says “Tame you Data Monster with IBM” – and that is a good overall summation of what I’ve done my entire career!  And the there is the newest of these mugs, the IBM Champion mug. I use this one every day as a pen and pencil holder! And the last one is a joke, of sorts. Documentation and memos that are not meant to be shared are often marked “Internal Use Only” as is this mug, probably referring to the coffee it will hold.

Next we have a mug from Memorex. Some of you might question as to whether it is actually a “computer” mug, but it is! This is from back in the day when Memorex was a big manufacturer of floppy discs.


Here is a nice little mug from Peppers & Rogers that I think I got when I took a product management class from them back in the mid-1990s:


And finally, here is a mug from Software Marketing Journal. I only subsribed to this magazine for a short time in the late 1990s when I was VP of marketing for Platinum’s database solutions… so I’m pretty sure that it is from that timeframe:


And that concludes my cavalcade of computer mugs… I think. There may be another mug or two hiding around here somewhere… if I discover any more I’ll be sure to share them with you.

So what next? I have an extensive button/pin collection from various computer companies and conferences. Anybody want me to start sharing those? Or have you had enough?


I'm a strategist, researcher, and consultant with nearly three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development.
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