Teradata Analytics Universe 2018 and Pervasive Data Intelligence

I spent last week in Las Vegas at the Teradata Analytics Universe conference, Teradata’s annual user conference. And there was a lot to do and learn there.



Attendees heading to the Expo Hall at the Teradata Analytics Universe conference in Las Vegas, NV — October 2018


The major message from Teradata is that the company is a “new Teradata.” And the message is “Stop buying analytics,” which may sound like a strange message at a conference with analytics in its name!

But it makes sense if you listen to the entire strategy. Teradata is responding to the reality of the analytics marketplace. And that reality centers around three findings from a survey the company conducted of senior leaders from around the world:

  1. Analytics technology is too complex. 74 percent of senior leaders said their organization’s analytics technology is complex; 42 percent said that analytics is not easy for their employees to use and understand.
  2. Users don’t have access to all the data they need. 79 percent of said they need access to more company data to do their job effectively.
  3. Data scientists are a bottleneck. Only 25 percent said that, within their enterprise, business decision makers have the skills to access and use intelligence from analytics without the need for data scientists.




To respond to these challenges, Teradata says you should buy “answers” not “analytics.” And they are correct. Organizations are not looking for more complex, time-consuming, difficult-to-use tools, but answers to their most pressing questions.

Teradata’s calls their new approach “pervasive data intelligence,” which delivers access to all data, all the time, to find answers to the toughest challenges. This can be done on-premises, in the cloud, and anywhere in between.

A big part of this new approach is founded on Teradata Vantage, which provides businesses the speed, scale and flexibility they need to analyze anything, deploy anywhere and deliver analytics that matter. At the center of Vantage is Teradata’s respected analytics database management system, but it also brings together analytic functions and engines within a single environment. And it integrates with all the popular open source workbenches, platforms, and languages, including SQL, R, Python, Jupyter, RStudio, SAS, and more.

“Uncovering valuable intelligence at scale has always been what we do, but now we’re taking our unique offering to new heights, unifying our positioning while making our software and consulting expertise available as-a-service, in the cloud, or on-premises,” said Victor Lund, Teradata CEO.

Moving from analytical silos to an analytics platform that can deliver pervasive data intelligence sounds to me like a reasonable way to tackle the complexity, confusion, and bottlenecks common today.

Check out what Teradata has to offer at teradata.com

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