What is the Autonomous Digital Enterprise?

Modern organizations are transforming their businesses by adopting and integrating digital technologies and services into the fabric of their operations. This is generally referred to as “digital transformation.” And it is an imperative for success as more business is conducted online, over the web, and using personal devices such as phones and tablets. Businesses have to engage with customers using the same technology and interfaces that their customers use all the time or they risk losing revenue.

But digital transformation is not, in and of itself, sufficient to ensure success. BMC Software has identified what they call the autonomous digital enterprise as the next step on the journey. This means embracing and instilling intelligent automation capabilities throughout the organization.

In an autonomous digital enterprise, automation is a complementary business function that works with – not in place of – humans. By exploiting automation organizations can:

  • Execute with fewer errors
  • Free up employees from mundane tasks
  • Lower costs
  • Improve customer interaction

Note here the term “intelligent” being used with the term “automation.” IT professionals have been automating for a long time. Indeed, everything that IT folks do can be considered some form of automation when compared to manual tasks. But intelligent automation takes things further. It relies on data to drive decision-making, reducing the amount of time it takes to react, thereby reducing latency and saving time.

With artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities being coupled with automation, the accuracy and ability of automation to intuit what needs to be done improves. As does the agility to effectively implement improvements and correctives measures.

Intelligence enables organizations to transcend impediments to success. For example, in an autonomous digital enterprise, DevOps practices are integrated throughout the enterprise enabling rapid and continuous delivery of applications and services. This requires technology and intelligent automation, but also a shift in organizational mindset to embrace change and instill it everywhere in the company.

An autonomous digital enterprise will have automation everywhere… intelligent automation that improves the customer experiences, speeds up decision-making and implementation, and interacts with customers the way they expect.

This vision if the autonomous digital enterprise is both audacious and compelling – and it is well worth examining for your organization.

About craig@craigsmullins.com

I'm a data management strategist, researcher, and consultant with over three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development and implementation.
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