Let’s Talk About Database Performance Analyzer

Recently, I published a tweet thread on database performance and SolarWinds’ Database Performance Analyzer. Today’s blog post captures those tweets for posterity!

Let’s talk about #DatabasePerformance and SolarWinds (Tweet #1)

Applications that access relational databases are only as good as the performance they achieve. And, every user wants their software to run as fast as possible, right? It is for that reason that database and application performance tuning and management is one of the biggest demands on the DBA’s time. When asked what is the single most important or stressful aspect of their job, DBAs typically respond “assuring optimal performance.” Indeed, a recent Forrester Research survey indicates that performance and troubleshooting tops the list of most challenging DBA tasks.

Handling performance problems should be an enterprise-wide endeavor. And, most organizations monitor and tune the performance of their entire IT infrastructure encompassing servers, networks, applications, desktops, and databases. However, the task of enterprise performance management frequently becomes the job of the DBA group. Anyone who has worked as a DBA for any length of time knows that the DBMS is usually “guilty until proven innocent.” Every performance problem gets blamed on the database regardless of its true source cause. DBAs need to be able to research and decipher the true cause of all performance degradation if only to prove that it is not caused by a database problem.

Truly, it is the case that optimizing data access and modification has been important ever since the invention of the first DBMS. And managing database performance has only gotten more complex over time. (Tweet #2)

Most organizations have multiple different databases, but they want them all to perform well! However, Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other popular database systems all work differently. (Tweet #3)  Assuring optimal performance of applications across a heterogeneous database environment is a significant ongoing operational challenge… one that SolarWinds can help you tackle. (Tweet #4)  SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is designed to help you uncover and resolve your most complex database performance problems (Tweet #5).

Figure 1. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

At a glance you can see where database performance problems exist and then navigate easily to learn more details. SolarWinds DPA can do this across all major database systems from, a single installation (Tweet #6).

Figure 2. View Database Performance Issues at-a-glance

And SolarWinds DPA offers expert tuning advisors that deliver precise database tuning guidance to help you remediate poor performing databases, applications, and SQL statements. (Tweet #7)

Tuning SQL statements becomes easier when you use SolarWinds DPA to focus on the SQL that is consuming the most resources and causing the most problems. Each color on the graph represents a separate SQL statement. (Tweet #8)

Figure 3. Resource-Consuming SQL Statements

And then SolarWinds DPA can even drill down into the SQL statement text for more details. (Tweet #9)

Figure 4. Drill Down to the SQL Statement Text

Gathering all of the details needed to analyze SQL problems can take a lot of time and effort, but SolarWinds DPA minimizes the effort involved. The response time analysis feature of Database Performance Analyzer provides operational intelligence about database performance over time. It tracks every query in every active session and captures the events that impose delays on the queries. (Tweet #10)

Furthermore, with SolarWinds DPA dynamic baselines you can view detailed metrics and years of history to see the trends and patterns that tell the complete performance story over time. (Tweet #11)

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is a smart choice for optimizing database performance. It requires no agents and imposes minimal impact on monitored databases. (Tweet #12)  Read what DBAs and performance analysts are saying about how SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer improves database performance. (Tweet #13)

The Bottom Line

Any organization looking to improve #DatabasePerformance should consider adopting SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer to optimize their applications and systems. (Tweet #14)

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I'm a data management strategist, researcher, and consultant with over three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development and implementation.
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