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Database Consistency Models

Just a short blog post today to point folks to a very well-written article on database consistency models titled On the Futility of Custom Consistency Models (posted on the Hacking, Distributed blog by Emin Gün Sirer). This blog post does a very … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on DBA Priorities

I get the chance to talk to a lot of DBAs in my line of work, and that sometimes gets me thinking about the things that DBAs spend time on and what they feel are the most important aspects of … Continue reading

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Data at the Speed of Web

One problem that must be confronted by modern DBAs is coping with the mad rush to “get it done NOW!” Although such a mindset is common throughout business these days, it is particularly common when moving from traditional development to web-based … Continue reading

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Diminishing Downtime

One of the on-going goals of database administration is to minimize downtime and improve availability. If the DBMS is down, data cannot be accessed. If the data is not available, applications cannot run. And if your applications cannot run, your … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Database Design: From Logical to Physical

A proper database design cannot be thrown together quickly by novices. What is required is a practiced and formal approach to gathering data requirements and modeling data. This modeling effort requires a formal approach to the discovery and identification of … Continue reading

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Sample DBA Job Posting/Responsibilities

I decided to post a sample DBA job posting today. Is this the way you view the role of DBA today? Is this what DBAs do at your site? Anything missing? Would you apply for this job? Respond with comments … Continue reading

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Tools to Facilitate Efficient Data Management

DBMS software enables end users or application programmers to share data. It provides a systematic method of creating, updating, retrieving and storing information in a database. DBMSs also are generally responsible for data integrity, data access control, and automated rollback, … Continue reading

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The Impact of Isolation Level on Locking

Choosing the appropriate isolation level will ensure that you enforce the amount of data integrity that is right for your particular application’s needs. Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 4

…we need to create standards that control, prohibit, and limit the mass duplication of data… Continue reading

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