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Happy Sysadmin Day

In case you did not know it, today is the last Friday in July… and that means it is System Administrator Appreciation Day. And this year, 2020, is the 21st annual celebration of Sysadmin Day! Let’s face it, most Sysadmins … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to The DBA?

Today’s post is a guest article written by Brian Walters, with Percona. Today is DBA Appreciation Day (@dbaday,, where we take the time to celebrate the often-unacknowledged role of database admins. Suggested appreciation gifts are pizza, ice cream, and … Continue reading

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Wish Your DBA Glad Tidings on DBA Appreciation Day

It is the first Friday in July, so I wanted to wish DBAs everywhere a Happy DBA Appreciation Day! Day in and day out your DBAs are working behind the scenes to make sure that your applications have access to … Continue reading

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What causes SQL Server to have performance issues or run slow?

Today’s post is a guest article written by a friend of the blog, Kevin Kline, an expert on SQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Image Source: Pixabay SQL Server can suffer from all sorts of problems if it is not properly … Continue reading

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The Cost of Virtual Database Conferences

This year — 2020 — the year of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine is wreaking havoc on the technical conference industry. So far, we have already seen many conferences postponed or canceled. Those that continue are soldiering along with online, … Continue reading

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DevOps and the Database

The title of this blog post was also the title of my presentation at last year’s Data Summit event. Here is a short snippet of that presentation captured at the event.   After watching it, let me know your thoughts … Continue reading

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World Backup Day and Your Databases

Today, March 31, 2020, is World Backup Day. So I thought I’d take the time to blog a bit on the importance of preparing and testing your database backup and recovery plans. The recoverability of your organization’s data is perhaps … Continue reading

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How to Measure Your DBAs

One of the most common questions I get when talking to folks about database administration is how to measure the effectiveness and quality of a DBA staff. This question is not really an easy one to answer, and for a … Continue reading

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Database Schema Change and DevOps

  Traditionally, the DBA is the custodian of database changes. The DBA is the information technician responsible for ensuring the ongoing operational functionality and efficiency of an organization’s databases and the applications that access those databases. However, the DBA is … Continue reading

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The DBA Corner Column

Today’s post is to remind my readers that I write a monthly column for Database Trends & Applications magazine on database and DBA issues and trends by the name of DBA Corner. And I have been writing this column for … Continue reading

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