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Consider the Cloud: A Hybrid Multicloud Future (Part 5)

In this Consider the Cloud blog series we have looked at the benefits of cloud computing, cloud growth predictions, data gravity, and analyzed the accuracy of how fast and complete cloud adoption will be. In today’s installment, I want to … Continue reading

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On the High Cost of Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software Should Not Cost an Arm and a Leg I believe that enterprise software is too costly and, indeed, it would seem that many others agree with me or we wouldn’t see the explosion of open source software being … Continue reading

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Time to Plan Your Trip to IBM InterConnect 2017

I am looking forward to attending this year’s IBM InterConnect conference in Las Vegas, NV the week of March 19-23, 2017. And after reading my blog post today I bet you will be interested in attending, too! The first thing you … Continue reading

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Everyone in IT Should Serve A Mainframe Tour of Duty

Today’s post is an update on a post I first wrote 10 years ago on my DB2portal blog. The general idea is that everybody in IT would be well-served by learning about mainframes and their robust management environment. Mainframe developers are … Continue reading

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On Design, the Internet, and Taming the Hostile Database

When DBAs are involved in designing databases that need to support Internet-enabled applications it seems that common sense and data management knowledge frequently fly out the window. Why is this? In today’s post we will investigate the impact of e-business … Continue reading

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Choosing a DBMS

One of the questions I get on a regular basis is some variation of “how can I choose what DBMS is the best”… so I’ll try to offer some high-level guidance here. When mainframes dominated enterprise computing, the DBMS architecture … Continue reading

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A Forced Tour of Duty on the Mainframe

Mainframe developers are well aware of the security, scalability, and reliability of mainframe computer systems and applications. Unfortunately, though, the bulk of new programmers and IT personnel are not mainframe-literate. This should change. But maybe not for the reasons you … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Enterprise Software

I believe that enterprise software is too costly and something needs to be done about it. The software environment of the future needs to look very different from today. Of course, that last statement will probably be true notwithstanding my … Continue reading

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New Poll on Enterprise Computing Environment

Today’s poll asks you to respond with your primary enterprise computing environment. And yes, I realize that most organizations use various combinations of these environments… and some may use all of them for different applications. But the intent of this … Continue reading

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