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Using SQL to Count Characters

If you write SQL on a regular basis, it is very important to know the functions that are supported by your DBMS. In general, there are three types of built-in functions that can be used to transform data in your … Continue reading

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Programmer Makes Excuses, Too!

In our last post (DBA Excuses… and advice to programmers for overcoming them!) we examined some of the bigger excuses used by DBAs to avoid problems and work. But poor excuses are not the exclusive domain of the DBA; far from it! … Continue reading

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Managing Application Performance… from a database perspective.

Applications that access databases are only as good as the performance they achieve. And every user wants their software to run as fast as possible. As such, performance tuning and management is one of the biggest demands on the DBA’s … Continue reading

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View Usage Advice

One of the most fertile grounds for disagreement between database professionals is the appropriate usage of views. Some analysts promote the liberal creation and usage of views, whereas others preach a more conservative approach. When properly implemented and managed, views … Continue reading

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The 7 Types of Database Design Reviews

A little more than two years ago I wrote about The Importance of Database Design Reviews here on this blog. The general idea of that post is that reviewing the scope and content of a database implementation before it moves … Continue reading

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DBA: Development Versus Production

There are many different ways to look at database administration. It can be done by task, by discipline, by DBMS, by server, and so on. But one useful way to look at DBA is in terms of the type of … Continue reading

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Top Ten Steps to Building the Right Indexes

One of the more vexing problems with relational database development is designing appropriate indexes. Perhaps the most important thing you can do to assure optimal application performance when accessing data in a relational/SQL database is to create correct indexes for … Continue reading

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Top Ten Application Programmer Excuses

Today’s blog post is a followup to the last post (Top Ten Things to do Before You Visit the DBA)…  This is the top ten excuses that DBAs hear all the time…  “There’s something wrong with the database!” “But I … Continue reading

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Defining Database Performance

(Note: I have published this definition before, but it was a couple years ago and I think it is important for professionals to speak from well-thought-out definitions, so I’m publishing it again… here in my blog this time…) As you … Continue reading

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Application Design and the DBA

Application design is more than just writing efficient database requests in application programs. Of course, application design includes database concerns such as interfacing SQL with traditional programming languages and the type of SQL to use. But every aspect of the … Continue reading

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