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Database Schema Change and DevOps

  Traditionally, the DBA is the custodian of database changes. The DBA is the information technician responsible for ensuring the ongoing operational functionality and efficiency of an organization’s databases and the applications that access those databases. However, the DBA is … Continue reading

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Dealing with DBMS Complexity

The Database Management Systems we use are becoming more complex – there can be no denying this basic fact of life. Each and every new version of your favorite DBMS adds new features, functions, and options that further complicate database … Continue reading

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DBA Roles & Responsibilities: Constantly Changing

One of the biggest challenges I see these days for DBAs is the ongoing redefinition of their job roles and responsibilities. Oh, most people know the rudimentary aspects of the job, namely keeping your organization’s databases and applications running up … Continue reading

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Web Resources for Data Management Professionals

The web offers a plethora of useful data- and database-related information… if you just know where to look for it. Continue reading

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What Does a DBA Do?

There are many tasks that database administration (DBA) must perform to keep databases — and the applications that rely upon them — available and efficient. Continue reading

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Book Review: SQL Antipatterns (2010, Pragmatic Bookshelf)

SQL Antipatterns helps you to avoid the pitfalls of database programming. Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 7

Can you ensure that your software works together with all the pieces it should — even as you upgrade to new versions and releases? Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 6

What’s In A Name? Today’s installment in the continuing saga of bad database standards revolves around naming conventions. I’d like to thank James Koopmann for giving me the idea to blog about this topic. James writes an interesting blog of … Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 5

None Shall Pass! Rigidly adhering to a standard, any standard, without being reasonable and using your ability to think through changing situations and circumstances, is itself, a bad standard. If you happen to be a fan of Monty Python, then … Continue reading

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Bad Database Standards, Part 4

…we need to create standards that control, prohibit, and limit the mass duplication of data… Continue reading

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