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IBM POWER and SAP HANA: A Powerful and Effective Combination

As organizations looks for differentiators to improve efficiency and improve cost effectiveness, the combination of IBM Power Systems and SAP HANA can provide a potent platform with a significant return on investment. Why IBM Power Systems? IBM Power Systems is … Continue reading

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Optimizing Database Performance, part 3: Free Space and Compression

This tip is excerpted from my book Database administration: The complete guide to DBA practices and procedures. The first and second parts of this series are also available. Today we start by discussing free space. Free Space Free space, sometimes called … Continue reading

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Optimizing Database Performance, part 2: Denormalization and Clustering

In Part 1 of our series introducing database performance topics and considerations we tackled the issues of partitioning data and creating indexes. In Part 2, today, we will introduce the topic of denormalization and clustering. Denormalization Another way to optimize the … Continue reading

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Optimizing Database Performance, Part 1: Partitioning and Indexing

Today’s post is the start of a three multi-part series offering up an overview of the most important components of database performance that must be monitored and managed for any database implementation. Database performance focuses on tuning and optimizing the design, … Continue reading

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