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DBA as a Management Discipline

An oft-repeated story about database administration underscores both the necessity for database administration and the lack of understanding of a DBA’s function. It goes something like this: The CIO of Acme Corporation hires a management consulting company to streamline their … Continue reading

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How Many DBAs?

One of the more troubling issues – at least when it comes to staffing up a DBA group – is how to determine the optimal number of DBAs required to keep an organization’s databases online and operating efficiently. Many organizations … Continue reading

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The Many Different Types of DBAs

Although DBAs, at a high level, are tasked with managing and assuring the efficiency of database systems, there are actually many different DBAs. Some focus on logical design; others focus on physical design; some DBAs specialize in building systems and … Continue reading

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More DBA Proverbs

The last post I made here was rather popular, so I decided to dig up and post a few more of my Favorite Quotes that apply to IT and database administration. So here, in no particular order, are my latest … Continue reading

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DBA Proverbs

Regular readers of my column in Database Trends & Applications, or of my earlier blogs know that I am a fan of applying famous sayings and quotes to the job of database administration. With that in mind, in today’s blog … Continue reading

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