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Classics of Computer Literature

Every IT professional should have a library of the classics in their field. This blog entry offers a short list of books that belong on every computer professional’s book shelf. Although the main focus of this blog is data management, … Continue reading

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A Forced Tour of Duty on the Mainframe

Mainframe developers are well aware of the security, scalability, and reliability of mainframe computer systems and applications. Unfortunately, though, the bulk of new programmers and IT personnel are not mainframe-literate. This should change. But maybe not for the reasons you … Continue reading

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Using Access Auditing to Classify Database Data

According to a study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley, each year approximately 5 exabytes (1018 bytes) of new information is produced. And ninety-two percent of that information is stored on magnetic media, mostly hard disks. Indeed, businesses … Continue reading

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Questions to ask During a DBA Job Interview

Today’s blog entry is for DBAs. The questions here apply to any DBA job, regardless of whether the DBMS to be managed is DB2 or Oracle or SQL Server or any other DBMS. As a DBA, it is almost inevitable … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Enterprise Software

I believe that enterprise software is too costly and something needs to be done about it. The software environment of the future needs to look very different from today. Of course, that last statement will probably be true notwithstanding my … Continue reading

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