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Inside the Data Reading Room – New Year 2016 Edition

Regular readers of my blog know that I periodically take the time to review recent data-related books that I have been reading. This post is one of those blogs! Today, I will take a quick look at several books that … Continue reading

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Models Should Form the Basis of Database and Application Development

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s organizations is ensuring the right information reaches the right people so data is used appropriately and accurately. In the age of Big Data and analytics, there is even more data being churned out … Continue reading

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On Data Growth

Businesses today are gathering and storing more data than ever before. We are said to be living in the “information age,” and data is the capital of the new economy. With this explosion in the amount of data being stored, … Continue reading

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Inside the Data Reading Room – Memorial Day 2014 Edition

Welcome to another edition of Inside the Data Reading Room, a regular feature of the blog in which I review the latest and greatest database- and data-related books. The first book up for review today is Microsoft Access 2013 Programming … Continue reading

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Inside the Data Reading Room – Thanksgiving 2013 Edition

Welcome faithful reader to the latest edition of Inside the Data Reading Room. Long-time readers of this blog know that Inside the Data Reading Room is a semi-regular feature of this blog with the goal of introducing and reviewing new and classic books on … Continue reading

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Big Data and 150 Trillion Calculations Per Second at Vestas (#IODGC)

IBM highlighted Danish energy company Vestas at their Information On Demand (IOD) 2011 conference in Las Vegas today. Vestas uses IBM big data analytics software to improve its wind turbine placement. The placements of wind turbines is a significant challenge … Continue reading

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Advanced Analytics

A large wireless phone service provider was concerned with the number of customers it was losing. Every customer lost costs the company $53 in monthly revenue. Although the revenue looks small on a customer by customer basis, with a large … Continue reading

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