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11 Rules of the Road for DBAs

In keeping with the recent trend of posting Top Ten lists, I thought that it would be a good time to revisit a list of non-technical aspects of the DBA job. More details on these specific items can be found … Continue reading

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Top Ten Application Programmer Excuses

Today’s blog post is a followup to the last post (Top Ten Things to do Before You Visit the DBA)…  This is the top ten excuses that DBAs hear all the time…  “There’s something wrong with the database!” “But I … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things To Do Before You Visit The DBA

1. Try to Figure It Out Yourself, Please 2. RTFM 3. Figure out what you are going to say to him/her 4. Be sure it is the truth! 5. Don’t assume you (or your code) are innocent 6. Have a … Continue reading

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Data at the Speed of Web

One problem that must be confronted by modern DBAs is coping with the mad rush to “get it done NOW!” Although such a mindset is common throughout business these days, it is particularly common when moving from traditional development to web-based … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Integrating Database Archiving and Database Recovery

When long-term data retention is imposed on your data — anything more than a couple of years — then archiving becomes the only valid solution to being in compliance with such requirements. This is so because without a database archiving solution, … Continue reading

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Inside the Data Reading Room: Summer 2013 Edition

Back in April 2013 I introduced a new regular, recurring feature of my blog in which I expose and review the books that I am reading and using as a data professional. The series is titled Inside the Data Reading … Continue reading

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