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Craig Mullins to Deliver Database Auditing Webinar – May 15, 2019

Increasing governmental and industry regulation coupled with the need for improving the security of sensitive corporate data has driven up the need to track who is accessing data in corporate databases. Organizations must be ever-vigilant to monitor data usage and … Continue reading

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SQL Injection Still Causing Trouble

An on-going and important aspect of managing database security is designing your applications to avoid SQL injection attacks. SQL injection is a form of web hacking whereby SQL statements are specified in the fields of a web form to cause … Continue reading

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Auditing Mainframe Database Data Access and Modification

Tracking who did what to which piece of data, and when they did it, is important because there are many threats to data security. External agents trying to compromise security and access company data are rightly viewed as a threat … Continue reading

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Inside the Data Reading Room: Summer 2013 Edition

Back in April 2013 I introduced a new regular, recurring feature of my blog in which I expose and review the books that I am reading and using as a data professional. The series is titled Inside the Data Reading … Continue reading

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How Secure Are Your Databases?

Increasingly, security issues are on everyone’s mind these days. We are constantly bombarded with images on the daily news that underscore just how important security is: homeland security, personal security, security in general. Every time you open your e-mail in … Continue reading

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DBA Best Practices?

What are the things that you do, or want to do, on a daily basis to manage your database infrastructure? This blog entry is going to be a little different than my regular entries. I’m going to use it as … Continue reading

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