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Have You Thought About the Impact of eDiscovery on Your Data Management Strategy?

When thinking about data management it is unlikely that your first thought is about legal requirements. Nevertheless, the legal side of data management must be considered in this day and age of regulatory compliance. To some, the sheer volume and … Continue reading

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The Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Big Data

  I found this infographic to be informative and entertaining, so I’m sharing it here for the readers of my blog. Let me know what you think… should I post more things like this in the future? You can also … Continue reading

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On Data Growth

Businesses today are gathering and storing more data than ever before. We are said to be living in the “information age,” and data is the capital of the new economy. With this explosion in the amount of data being stored, … Continue reading

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A Data Storm’s A-Brewin’

There is something of a perfect storm brewing in the world of data today. The world is becoming more automated, more connected, more wireless, and more complex. And that impacts the job of the database administrator (DBA). The next wave … Continue reading

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Using Access Auditing to Classify Database Data

According to a study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley, each year approximately 5 exabytes (1018 bytes) of new information is produced. And ninety-two percent of that information is stored on magnetic media, mostly hard disks. Indeed, businesses … Continue reading

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