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Database Access Auditing: Who Did What to Which Data When?

As just about anyone in business these days knows there is a growing list of government and industry regulations that organizations must understand and comply with. This increasing compliance pressure is particularly intense on data stored in corporate databases. Companies … Continue reading

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The Lifecycle of Data

Most data is not static. No, data has a life in which it changes, is used for perhaps multiple purposes, and gets moved all over the place. So it makes sense to think about the lifecycle of your data at … Continue reading

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Ten Steps to Minimize Data Risk During an Acquisition

Merger and acquisition activity continues to be a constant in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world… and those of us who work in the field of IT and data management are likely to be involved in an acquisition, perhaps multiple times during … Continue reading

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Auditing Mainframe Database Data Access and Modification

Tracking who did what to which piece of data, and when they did it, is important because there are many threats to data security. External agents trying to compromise security and access company data are rightly viewed as a threat … Continue reading

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Tactics for Safeguarding Financial Data

Regulatory compliance has become a critical aspect of the IT landscape, and is a special consideration for financial institutions that house sensitive data. More and more regulations are being passed that dictate increased effort be exerted to better secure and … Continue reading

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A Data Storm’s A-Brewin’

There is something of a perfect storm brewing in the world of data today. The world is becoming more automated, more connected, more wireless, and more complex. And that impacts the job of the database administrator (DBA). The next wave … Continue reading

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Privacy Policies and Data

Data privacy is a burgeoning issue that is becoming more and more of a burden on organizations as not only the amount of data under management increases, but the velocity of new data arriving increases. In this networked world, in … Continue reading

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