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The Lifecycle of Data

Most data is not static. No, data has a life in which it changes, is used for perhaps multiple purposes, and gets moved all over the place. So it makes sense to think about the lifecycle of your data at … Continue reading

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A Meta-Trip to IBM Information on Demand 2013

Many of the readers of this blog know that I also maintain another blog that focuses primarily on IBM DB2 ( If you read that blog, too, then you know that last week I was at the IBM Information on … Continue reading

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Inside the Data Reading Room

With today’s post I am beginning a recurring series on the books that I am reading and using as a data professional. The goal of these posts is to introduce you to new and classic books on data technology and … Continue reading

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IBM Information on Demand – Day One – Monday, October 22, 2012

I spent my first full day of this year’s IOD conference going back and forth between sessions on big data and analytics – and sessions on down in the weeds DB2 for z/OS issues. And I enjoyed the heck out … Continue reading

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Advanced Analytics

A large wireless phone service provider was concerned with the number of customers it was losing. Every customer lost costs the company $53 in monthly revenue. Although the revenue looks small on a customer by customer basis, with a large … Continue reading

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Your Business Data is Decaying

Data quality is an ever-present enemy of business applications and database systems. Sure, the data may be accurate today, but things change. And when they do, how quickly can you adapt? How do you even find out that things have … Continue reading

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Accuracy Versus Speed

Brevity is the enemy of accuracy. I could stop writing right there, but then that would be too brief, and I would much rather be accurate. Most of us strive to keep our days moving along. Making things faster is … Continue reading

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