A Meta-Trip to IBM Information on Demand 2013

Many of the readers of this blog know that I also maintain another blog that focuses primarily on IBM DB2 (http://db2portal.blogspot.com). If you read that blog, too, then you know that last week I was at the IBM Information on Demand conference in Las Vegas, NV. I go to that conference every year and I blog and live-Tweet from the show.

This year, I blogged on my DB2 Portal blog. In past years, I blogged here (for example, this post). Since readers of this blog may be interested in my coverage of IOD, I figured I would summarize and post the links to my IOD coverage here for your convenience.

First, I offered up an overview of the IBM Information on Demand conference and why it is an important one for data professionals.

Then I posted daily coverage of the event Monday thru Wednesday. Links to those blog posts follow:

And if you are interested in reading other folks’ (predominantly IBMer’s) views of the conference, be sure to check out the coverage of IOD on The Big Data Hub.

Finally, if you use IBM technology at all for data management at your organization, this is the conference to attend. But if you go looking for Information on Demand next year, be aware that IBM is renaming the event to Insight… So by all means, plan on attending the show next year, but look for Insight instead of IOD.

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I'm a data management strategist, researcher, and consultant with over three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development and implementation.
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    I really appreciate this post related to Information technology and more

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