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Keeping Up With the DBMS

  One of the more troubling trends for DBAs is keeping up with the latest version of their DBMSs. Change is a fact of life and each of the major DBMS products change quite rapidly. A typical release cycle for … Continue reading

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On DBA Tools, Utilities, Suites and Solutions

“Vendor speak” can be a difficult thing to decipher. And that is particularly true within the realm of DBA tools vendors. It would be easier if every vendor followed the same terminology… but, of course, they do not. And there is … Continue reading

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The Change Management Perspective of the DBA

The DBA is the custodian of database changes. Usually, the DBA is not the one to request a change; that is typically done by the application owner or business user.  But there are times, too, when the DBA will request … Continue reading

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DBA: Development Versus Production

There are many different ways to look at database administration. It can be done by task, by discipline, by DBMS, by server, and so on. But one useful way to look at DBA is in terms of the type of … Continue reading

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Managing Database Change

Businesses must be able to meet customer expectations that are constantly changing, while at the same time growing revenue and increasing profitability. To attain these goals, businesses need to be able to change and enhance products and services to meet … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Data Quality

Data quality is an elusive goal. The more we try to keep accurate records in database systems, the more it seems that at least some of that data is just plain wrong. Why is this so? Speed to market issues … Continue reading

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Diminishing Downtime

One of the on-going goals of database administration is to minimize downtime and improve availability. If the DBMS is down, data cannot be accessed. If the data is not available, applications cannot run. And if your applications cannot run, your … Continue reading

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Dealing With DBMS Complexity

The Database Management Systems we use are becoming more complex – there can be no denying this basic fact of life. Whether you are using DB2 or SQL Server or Oracle or another popular DBMS, each and every new version … Continue reading

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How Many DBAs?

One of the more troubling issues – at least when it comes to staffing up a DBA group – is how to determine the optimal number of DBAs required to keep an organization’s databases online and operating efficiently. Many organizations … Continue reading

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More DBA Proverbs

The last post I made here was rather popular, so I decided to dig up and post a few more of my Favorite Quotes that apply to IT and database administration. So here, in no particular order, are my latest … Continue reading

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