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A Question on Logical Modeling and Normalization

I received the following question and thought I’d answer it on the blog: Question: I work in a data-modeling environment with the responsibility of logically modeling (LM) data for mainframe and server databases. LM for the OLTP systems are done … Continue reading

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Application Design and the DBA

Application design is more than just writing efficient database requests in application programs. Of course, application design includes database concerns such as interfacing SQL with traditional programming languages and the type of SQL to use. But every aspect of the … Continue reading

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To Achieve Success DBAs Must Diversify

  A good DBA is a Jack-of-All-Trades. You can’t just master one thing and be successful in this day-and-age. A day in the life of a DBA is usually quite hectic. The DBA maintains production and test environments, monitors active … Continue reading

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Data Professionals: Invest in Yourself!

So, are you worth investing in or not? Most every IT professional continually looks for their company to invest money in on-going education. Who among us does not want to learn something new – on company time – and with … Continue reading

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The Business-Savvy DBA?

Heads-down DBAs who know technology, but not their company’s business, soon will be on the endangered species list. Be Business Savvy Although DBAs are technologists first and foremost, we need to be ever cognizant of the business reasons that our … Continue reading

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