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New Poll on Enterprise Computing Environment

Today’s poll asks you to respond with your primary enterprise computing environment. And yes, I realize that most organizations use various combinations of these environments… and some may use all of them for different applications. But the intent of this … Continue reading

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Database Performance and Row Size

This post was inspired after reading through some posts in a database-related blog, newsgroup or mailing list (actually, right now I can’t remember which one it was). The conversation I was reading was in response to a question like “Does … Continue reading

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Your Business Data is Decaying

Data quality is an ever-present enemy of business applications and database systems. Sure, the data may be accurate today, but things change. And when they do, how quickly can you adapt? How do you even find out that things have … Continue reading

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Archive Your Data to Minimize Data Breach Exposure

Data breaches continue to dominate the IT newscape, with bigger and uglier data breaches being announced on a weekly basis. Just this past quarter saw several significant breaches including the LizaMoon SQL injection attacks and the Sony Playstation data breaches, among … Continue reading

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In today’s blog entry I republish an article on acronyms that I wrote several years ago. It is titled, A.N.A.R.C.H.Y. (or Another Nasty Acronym Resolves to Confound and Hound You), and it has been one of the more popular items … Continue reading

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The Definition of Database Performance

If you are a DBA or a performance analyst, chances are that you deal with database performance management every day of the week. But have you ever stopped for a moment and tried to define what you mean when you … Continue reading

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Accuracy Versus Speed

Brevity is the enemy of accuracy. I could stop writing right there, but then that would be too brief, and I would much rather be accurate. Most of us strive to keep our days moving along. Making things faster is … Continue reading

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