12 Responses to On The Importance of Metadata

  1. Good Worker says:

    Very well thought of, help me understand a little more about the complexities in managing data, thanks.

  2. Use XMP metadata to quickly identify, catalog, and find clips across multiple applications. Yazmin Antiques

  3. eve heath says:

    Gday, thanks for an easily understable explanation of meta data, i am currently studying cert3 I.T getting ready to do cert 4 in 2011, so just a novice and trying to design my own database, i dont get relationships and how they work……i have my tables and all seems good, the right one to many relationships, i think, but i dont get how the database knows what item to link, and nothing seems to happen, i don’t know! can you do an easy to understand post on this topic please, i am just a bit slow to understand this concept. cheers eve

  4. Yoshino says:

    Hi first of all thanks for this post.
    Second, i’m not a native english speaker and there is a word that i couldn’t understand its meaning, it was “subvertibility” and its variants like “nonsubvertible”, etc.
    I’ll really appreciate your help.
    Thanks! 😀

  5. Subvert means to corrupt or overturn that which should be. So nonsubvertible means that it is not possible to corrupt or get around the rule.

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